Mission: Impossible 6: Tom Cruise is already working on a follow-up to Rogue Nation

It will shoot next summer

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Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation might have only just hit cinemas, but another sequel in the franchise is already in the works.

"We're starting to work on it now," Cruise told Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. "We'll probably start shooting it next summer."

Paramount has yet to officially announce a sixth Mission: Impossible, but it's a reliably profitable franchise and if Cruise is game to return as Ethan Hunt then it's pretty much a dead cert to be green-lit.

At this rate the film would be the fastest sequel in the series, given there was a gap of at least four years between the first five films.

The M:I franchise has taken $2 billion at the box office worldwide to date, and Rogue Nation will surely add to that, seeing Cruise perform more death-defying stunts.

Cruise stopped in to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon while doing promo for the movie this week, performing a sensational lip sync of The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face.