More actors have starred opposite themselves than you first thought

From Michaels J. Fox and Keaton through to Johns Lithgow and Cleese

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If you're like us and seeing actors appear opposite each other in films never fails to make you marvel at the accomplishment of such a feat, then this video is for you.

YouTube channel Burger Fiction has compiled footage of these cinematic occurrences into one brilliant five-minute clip.

Whether they are alter egos (Michael Cera, Youth in Revolt), clones (Arnold Schwarzenegger, The 6th Day), doppelgängers (Jake Gyllenhaal, Enemy) or twins (Nicolas Cage, Adaptation), this mashup will succeed in alerting you to just how many times this trick has been pulled.

See for yourself below. 

What is also surprising is that the trick was utilised in cinema as early as 1921, with Buster Keaton playing nine characters (the most out of anyone featured in the clip) in the short film The Playhouse.

Following up the silent film icon is Eddie Murphy who played seven characters in The Nutty Professor I and II.

With the promise of another video to come, the barrel is nowhere close to being scraped clean either.