Movie critics port-salut film's top 10 cheesiest moments

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The grand gorgonzola of all cheesy moments from the movies has gone to the Hollywood blockbuster Independence Day.

Audiences may have whooped with delight when the fictional president, played by Bill Pullman, called his countrymen to arms against bellicose extra-terrestrials with the stirring words: "Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!" But it tops a list of 10 cringe-making film scenes compiled by the movie magazine Empire.

The line is described as "a cornball speech that sounds like Shakespeare rewritten by kindergarteners".

The scene from Top Gun, where Val Kilmer's Iceman tells Tom Cruise's Maverick: "You can be my wingman any time" is runner-up.

Third is the climax of the Eighties favourite The Karate Kid, in which underdog Ralph Macchio snatches championship victory against all odds with a few fly moves.

A special commendation is awarded to the comedian Robin Williams, with the magazine describing his films as like "being dipped in a churning vat of Camembert". His mention comes for that moment in the film Patch Adams when a group of terminally ill children turns up at court to save the day for his character.

While Four Weddings and a Funeral may be one of the biggest British film successes of all time, the fromage factor for its ending is high. Audiences worldwide groaned as Andie MacDowell finally got together with Hugh Grant in a downpour, ruining the mood with the trite line: "Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed."

Kate Beckinsale dreamily reading a love letter with an improbably beautiful sea and sunset behind her in movie dud Pearl Harbor is fifth.

Empire's Top 10 Cheesiest Moments:

1 Independence Day

2 Top Gun

3 The Karate Kid

4 Four Weddings and a Funeral

5 Pearl Harbor

6 Stepmom

7 The Postman

8 An Officer and a Gentleman

9 Patch Adams

10 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones