Movie news recap: Eminem to star in 3D horror film

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The movie news recap for November 9, 2009 features Eminem who will return to the big screen, Jonas brothers and Cartoon Network's first live-action series.

Eminem in new 3D horror film

Rapper Eminem will return to movie screens with a new 3D movie Shady Talez. Co-producing the movie with him are John Davis ( I, Robot) and Dallas Jackson.
The film is also scheduled to be released as a four-issue comic book series due in 2010, under the Marvel Icons name. Shady Talez will be the singer's first release since 8 Mile back in 2002.


Disney's Jonas Brothers get second season

Hugely popular US show Jonas has been approved for a second season by Disney Channel, with production scheduled to begin early February and a worldwide release mid-2010.

Meanwhile, the reality show Jonas Brothers: Living on a Dream has also been selected for a second season and will premier early next year.

The new season of Jonas features the three brothers as they set off on vacation to Los Angeles and end up getting gigs in show business.

Cartoon Network to host live-action series in the US

Cartoon Network will make two original scripted live-action series - Tower Prep and Unnatural History. The animation channel announced that the shows will be one-hour long with 13 episodes each and will go into production in January 2010.
Rob Sorcher, chief content officer of Cartoon Network, said in a press release, "We are looking forward to working with all of the great talent involved in these exciting new ventures, which we believe will be a powerful complement to our diverse and expanding array of original programming."

Tower Prep revolves around Ian (played by Drew Van Acker) who suddenly finds himself trapped in a school for children with "unique potential." The pilot episode was written by Paul Dini ( Lost and Batman: Arkham Asylum).

U nnatural History is a mystery series about Henry Griffin, who, having acquired exceptional anthropological skills from his parents, goes off to solve mysteries in the national museum.