Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie: Brendan O'Carroll has two spin-offs in the pipeline

The sitcom creator has big plans despite D'Movie not yet being in cinemas

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Brendan O’Carroll is working on two spin-offs from Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie, despite the first film not hitting cinemas until the end of this week.

The Irish comedian and creator of the BBC sitcom has revealed that Wash and Blow will centre on Rory, Dino and their hair salon, with O’Carroll playing Mario the salon owner.

Another separate movie will focus on new character Mr Wang, whom fans will meet when Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie debuts on Friday 27 June.

Burt Kwouk who played Cato in the Pink Panther movies was lined up to play Mr Wang but the 83-year-old proved too ill to travel.

Wihle O’Carroll was pressured to step into the role after Kwouk dropped out, he told BBC News: “You can’t take the piss out of a Chinese person. If you are going to take the piss out of a Chinese person, you have to have someone Chinese playing the part.”

The comedian decided that his route around this would be to “play the part of a guy, who wants to be Chinese, who thinks he’s Chinese, who dresses like he’s Chinese, but all he does is deliver Chinese.”

“One of the tricks of Mrs Brown is that Mrs Brown gets away with saying things I would never get away with – not as a man,” said O’Carroll.

O’Carroll stars in Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie, which will see Mrs Brown battle to save her groceries stall from the plans of a property developer.

The original television show first aired in 2011 and has since won awards, with the Christmas specials topping viewing polls two years in a row.