MTV Movie Awards 2017: Aubrey Plaza plays Eleven in Stranger Things meets Get Out parody

'I like it here, too. Some things are weird, though'

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Weird nightmare realms was an unexpected (but absolutely fitting) trend of last year, so it's no surprise the MTV Movie Awards capitalised on a convenient mash-up.

Get Out's Sunken Place and Stranger Things' the Upside Down came together for a short parody featuring the show's host, Workaholics' Adam Devine. 

Accidentally sent there by Allison Williams and her teacup, Devine found himself coming face-to-face with Jillian Bell's Barb and a particularly unwanted take on the Demigorgon, alongside Trey Songz's Lucas. 

If Bell's Barb wasn't already fairly perfect casting, she was then followed by the queen-of-creep herself, Aubrey Plaza, turning up as Eleven and introducing a place where Taco Bell is called Quesadilla Ding-Dong, Tracy Morgan is the Pope, and Hillary Duff is the president. 

The real Stranger Things picked up two awards on the night, winning Best Show, with Millie Bobby Brown winning Best Actor in a Show. You can read the full list of winners here

Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

Stranger Things season 2 will debut in October 2017.