'New Moon' will keep shining this weekend

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After a massive performance at the US box office last weekend, The Twilight Saga: New Moon is expected to see a surge again in 4,000 theaters over the coming five-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Despite some anticipated fading, New Moon should enjoy repeat viewings and word-of-mouth interest beyond its initial teen appeal. Still earning an average of $11 million per day across the US, the movie will likely maintain its momentum in a crowded field.

Without any new major blockbuster competition, New Moon will dominate the top spot, even with a 50 percent drop. Its huge success may also change views toward female-oriented films, not typically considered blockbuster material.

The strongest new movies to take a bite of the box office this weekend in the US include the comedy Old Dogs and action-adventure Ninja Assassin. The previously released children's movie Fantastic Mr. Fox and drama The Blind Side will stay in the shadow of New Moon.

New Moon captured the No.1 position around the world and opens in another 33 countries this weekend, including Germany and Japan, where it's expected to kick 2012 into second place. International tickets could match last week's gross of $132 million.