X-Men: Apocalypse confirmed for 2016

Director Brian Singer announced the news in a tweet

A new X-Men movie called Apocalypse will be released in spring 2016, officials have confirmed.

Details of the storyline for the eighth film in the superhero series are being kept under wraps but it will focus on the ancient Egyptian villain Apocalypse, who first appeared in the Marvel comics in 1986.

Apocalypse is an immortal mutant, ambitious to rule the world and dominate humankind.

Director of the first two movies, Bryan Singer, broke the news on Twitter before Fox cemented the rumours as true. His vague post read "#Xmen #Apocalypse 2016!" and was met with excitement from fans.

The first X-Men film was released in 2000 with the next movie, Days of Future Past, due for release in May next year.

Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence are among the high profile cast.

Singer is directing Days of Future Past and, after he tweeted the news of Apocalypse, it seems likely he will man the helm for that film too.

To date the X-Men franchise has grossed more than £1.2 billion worldwide, when the two Wolverine spin-offs are factored in.

Apocalypse will reach cinemas two weeks before The Amazing Spiderman 3 and compete with Disney's Alice in Wonderland sequel at the box office.