New York coffee shop customers left terrified by 'Carrie'-style horror prank

The prank was set up by the film company behind the re-make of the Seventies Stephen King horror movie

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A woman at a New York coffee shop has been scaring customers with her 'telekinetic' powers, after she used them to pin a man against a wall in an elaborate prank.

She unleashes her 'powers' after coffee is accidentally split on her laptop by the customer. She appears to slam the man into a wall, knock books off a shelf and rip pictures of the walls. Customers can be seen screaming and running away from the scene as the man reamains stuck to the wall.

However the whole stunt is a set up, from the terrified customers who are actors to the coffee shop which was specially built for the prank. The man who was 'thrown' against the wall is actually a stuntman and wires were used to create the telekinetic effects.

The coffee shop prank was inspired by the most famous scene in Stephen King's 70s horror classic Carrie, in which she wreaks havoc at her high school prom after a cruel joke is played on her by fellow students.

The hoax was put together by a film special effects company, who have re-made Carrie. The movie is about a young girl from a troubled background who discovers she has the power to move objects.

The new film stars Chloe Moretz as Carrie and Julianne Moore as her mother, it will be released later this year.