No prizes for guessing which superhero film got itself an emoji billboard

Oh, Deadpool.

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This is really getting out of hand. That is, in the most sublimely absurd way possible.

Bow down to the Deadpool marketing team, for they've followed up their recent rom-com stunt with yet another brazenly silly attempt to fool and confuse the unaware. Just imagine, innocently driving along the Californian streets. Only to see, blasted above your eyes, Skull...Poo...L? 

Yes, Deadpool is advertising itself with a set of three emojis. And it doesn't care whether you knock a lamppost down trying to decipher what those three emojis could possibly mean. 

And, because this film is apparently not self-aware enough, star Ryan Reynolds later tweeted out this gem. 

Sure. As Patton Oswalt states; it's dumb, it's juvenile. But it's also sort of brilliant. With the advertising so far being deliriously on point in introducing Marvel's self-aware hero, the merc with the mouth, to an unprepared and unwitting world; the converted have now only been left to wonder if the film could possibly ever live up to such a brilliantly conceived advertising campaign. 

Will Tim Miller's planned salvation of Ryan Reynolds' disastrous outing with the character in X-Men: Origins keep the fourth-wall breaking, R-rated antics fresh without becoming grating? Will we really be getting all the deliriously crude jokes and bloody violence we were promised?

Deadpool hits UK theatres 10 February.