Odeon, Disney agree deal over 'Alice In Wonderland'

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Cinema chain Odeon said Thursday it would screen Tim Burton's new movie "Alice In Wonderland" in Britain, Ireland and Italy after resolving a row with Disney, hours before the world premiere.

Odeon had previously said it would boycott the 3D feature film at its theatres in the three European countries in protest at Disney's plans to release the DVD of the film earlier than usual.

But it said a deal had now been sealed with the Walt Disney Company over its movie, which stars Johnny Depp and is receiving a royal world premiere before Prince Charles in London later on Thursday.

Odeon said in a statement it was "pleased to announce that, following detailed negotiations with the Walt Disney Company Ltd, an enduring agreement has been reached encompassing all the different aspects of both companies' commercial relationship".

"Odeon is pleased to announce that it will now be showing Alice In Wonderland beginning March 5 in its cinemas in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Austria."

Disney is releasing the DVD of "Alice In Wonderland", based on the classic children's book by Lewis Carroll, 12 weeks after its big-screen debut instead of the usual 17 weeks.

Odeon had argued that early release of the DVD could lead to fewer people going to see the movie in a cinema.

It had already said it would show the film in its Spanish, German, Portuguese and Austrian cinemas because Disney is to follow normal timescales for DVD releases in those countries.

Odeon is hosting Thursday's premiere at one of its cinemas in London's Leicester Square. Rival cinema chains Cineworld and Vue have announced their own deals with Disney over screening the movie.