Original Batmobile set to fetch up to £3m at Arizona auction

Adam West drove the gadget-laden vehicle in the 1960s Batman TV series

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If you've ever dreamed of owning a Batmobile, your golden opportunity has arrived, so long as you have £3 million to spare.

Batman's original black and red car from the Sixties TV show is going on auction in Arizona after being driven by Adam West during his portrayal of the superhero.

The Batmobile was built in just three weeks by George Barris, who transformed into a lean, mean, fighting machine from a 1955 Lincoln Futura.

Gadgets included in the Batmobile include the Batphone, Bat-Ray Projector and tyres that inflate automatically.

Roger Johnson from Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom, where the Batmobile is being auctioned, has described it as "possibly the most desirable and collectable car of all that every man, woman or child in the free world can easily identify without the slighest hesitation".

The Batmobile was first sold at the same auction house in 2013, when businessman Rick Champagne bought it for a reported $4.6 million to make it the most expensive film vehicle ever along with James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger.