Oscars 2016: The 'honest trailer' for this year's best film nominees is hilarious

Spotlight, or, as it should be known, Newsies: Might Want to Avoid These Houses

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With the Oscars about to kick off, you may have accidentally (or not so accidentally) missed some of the films up for best picture. 

Fret not, as those guys over at Screen Junkies have created a wonderfully honest trailer about the eight nominated films. 

Poking fun at the likes of The Revenant (Frozen), Mad Max: Fury Road (Furiosa Road feat. Mad Max) and Spotlight (Newsies: Might Want to Avoid These Houses), the five minute clip will catch you up in no time. Watch below. 

Of course, this wouldn’t be an Oscars commentary without pointing out the blatant lack of diversity among nominees, with the clip pointing out how “no black people” star in the lead roles in any of the films.

They also make a brilliant point about The Big Short not being the best film about “five guys sticking it to the man”, cutting to a clip about the snubbed Straight Outta Compton.

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