Oscars: And the award for Most Acerbic Tweet goes to...


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Trending likes to bookend a big  awards ceremony with a few nominations of its own for the evening’s most  memorable moments:

Misjudged Moment of the Evening went to host Seth MacFarlane who took a critical monstering for his repertoire, specifically the downright misognyistic “We Saw Your Boobs” song which, rather than lampooning Hollywood’s sexism and hypocrisy, served only to mortify the female actors mentioned in its verses. However it was nearly worth it for Charlize Theron’s wonderful eye-rolling stare at the Family Guy creator’s mention of her name (see also, GIF of the Night). 

Meanwhile on internet distraction-generator Twitter, Mia Farrow was the Acerbic Celebrity Tweeter of the evening with offerings as barbed as: “You can tell who’s doing coke #oscars.”

The Unlikely Apology gong went to famously unapologetic US satirists  The Onion who made a rare public apology after an ugly tweet in a style meant to mock bitchy internet culture about nine-year-old nominee Quvenzhané Wallis (think of Larry David’s famous “beloved Aunt” typo).

The Onion’s own CEO, Steve Hannah called it “humorless comment masquerading as satire”. Expect the kerplunk of a satirical P45 landing on someone’s doorstep about... now. Finally, the coveted award for Best Photoshop of a Live Broadcast went to...  the Fars News Agency. The Iranian state’s semi-official news agency took revenge on Michelle Obama announcing that Argo had won Best Picture by crudely altering the First Lady’s silver Naeem Khan dress to  cover her arms and chest.

It was a move that will save Fars from outrage of the members of Iran’s hardline Islamists but could well incur the wrath of an even more terrifying bunch –  America’s fashion press.