Oscars parody video sees kids put 2015 nominees to shame with hilarious re-enactments

Children take on the likes of American Sniper and Whiplash to brilliant effect

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Who said Eddie Redmayne and Bradley Cooper were the only men for the job in their Oscar-nominated movies?

Certainly not these kids, who have acted out key moments from this year’s biggest films and shown real star quality in a hilarious parody video.

Uploaded to YouTube by CineFix, the clip sees young boys and girls take the lead in American Sniper, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Theory of Everything, Birdman, The Imitation Game, Selma, Boyhood and Whiplash.

There’s a bearded mini Cooper as sniper Chris Kyle, complete with famous fake baby (“This thing’s plastic!”, a moustachioed Martin Luther King Jr, and a wheelchair-bound Stephen Hawking boasting about his sexual prowess (“I’ve made three children in this wheelchair, what have you done?”).

The fake baby from American Sniper in a parody video

The Whiplash scene is a particular highlight, consisting of a nude swimming capped kid yelling “Faster! Faster!” at a little jazz drumming protégée living out his dream. JK Simmons, watch your back.

Kids play JK Simmons and Miles Teller in a Whiplash parody

Boyhood is favourite to take the Best Picture gong at the ceremony on Sunday 22 February but will be pushed hard by two comedies – Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel.


Benedict Cumberbatch and Rosamund Pike are among the British hopefuls.