Passengers film: Jennifer Lawrence gets caught in a swimming pool with no gravity

Lawrence plays an astronaut who awakens from hypersleep too early

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Damn, don't you hate it when yo go for a quick dip, only for gravity to cease and the pool to swallow you up in a water droplet?

That's the fate that befalls Jennifer Lawrence's character Aurora, in a new clip fom upcoming sci-fi romantic drama Passengers.

The scene does beg the question of why you would put a swimming pool on a spaceship if there was the chance of the gravity system failing, but it's a pretty cinematic moment all the same and should look great on the big screen.

We're not privvy as to how J-Law escapes a floating, watery grave, but I imagine Chris Pratt comes to the rescue - him being the only other astronaut on board.

Passengers centres on the intriguing premise of two space travellers on a 120-year journey to a distant colony. They're put into hypersleep for the duration, but accidentally awaken 90 years too early, forcing them to get to know each other very well.

The film was directed by The Imitation Game's Morten Tyldum, written by Prometheus' John Spaihts and opens in UK and US cinemas on 21 December.