Paul Walker: Fast & Furious 7 writers working on exit story for Brian O'Conner

Universal hopes to use footage already filmed to craft an exit story

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Plans are underway to release Fast & Furious 7 using footage Paul Walker had already filmed.

The film’s bosses are reportedly working on a new script that will craft an exit scene from footage shot before the actor’s death, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Executives are said to be looking at ways to complete the film without starting afresh and costing Universal more money.

Universal postponed the production of the film until January following Walker’s tragic death in a Los Angeles car crash.

Screenwriter Chris Morgan is said to be working on a new script from scenes Walker had already filmed to craft an exit story for his character. If the script is successful, the production may resume in January.

Universal is reported to have spent around $150 million on the film so far, and will doubtless face difficulties marketing the fast car film given the circumstances of Walker’s death.

Walker, who has starred in the franchise as Brian O’Conner since 2001, was killed in a Porsche travelling at high speed in Los Angeles on 30 November.

A coroner’s report confirmed last week he died from a combination of “traumatic and thermal injuries”.

A source from Universal told The Hollywood Reporter that fans are in support of completing the current version of the film, despite several scripted car crash scenes.

The unnamed source said: “What will drive everything is, is there an honourable and sensible way of doing this?....[But] I actually believe [the tragedy] will add to returns. Sadly, it will probably make people more interested.”

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