Piers Morgan offered role in Derek after Twitter exchange with Ricky Gervais

Gervais offered Morgan a role in the nursing home-based comedy after Morgan had asked for a cameo in Gervais' new film Life on the Road

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Journalist, TV presenter and talent show judge Piers Morgan could yet make it as an actor after a Twitter exchange between him and comedian Ricky Gervais saw the "4-bloody-9" year-old offered a guest starring role on the Channel 4 comedy Derek.

A Twitter conversation between Morgan and Gervais on Thursday, ended up with Morgan being offered the role despite him expressing his desire to star in Gervais’ new film Life on the Road.

The conversation began when Morgan pulled Gervais up on a comment he had made during an interview for entertainment news website TheWrap.

In the interview Gervais discussing the character of David Brent, who being is reprised for Life on the Road, Gervais said: “He’s trying to get A&R men along, and they’re going, ‘You look like Piers Morgan, you’re a 50-year-old man in a suit, why are we going to sign this?’ It’s absolutely f***ing tragic.”


In the new film, Gervais plays the middle-aged Brent trying to live out his Rock ‘n’ Roll dreams, with very limited success.

Following the comments, Piers Morgan posted the link to the interview on his Twitter page, writing: “There is nothing tragic about my suits”.

After Gervais apologised, Morgan decided to point out another inaccuracy, saying that he was not 50, but in fact, “4-bloody-9”.

Seizing a chance to "launch" his acting career, Morgan asked Gervais if he could get a cameo in the film, however, he was left disappointed when Gervais ignored his calls, instead offering him a part in the nursing home-based comedy Derek.

Gervais' new film is expected to be be released at some point next year and will follow a similar mockumentary style to the popular BBC comedy The Office, following the cringe-a-minute David Brent 15 years after working at Wernham Hogg.