£45 movie set for cinema release

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A film made for just £45 is to be released in cinemas across the country after finding a distributor, it was announced today.

Colin, a zombie movie filmed on camcorder, has been snapped up by Kaleidoscope Entertainment and is due to hit the big screen in time for Halloween.

Shot in Wales and London, the film charts the progress of Colin, a man who is bitten by a zombie, dies and is resurrected as one of the flesh-eating un-dead.

The film is shot from Colin's perspective with viewers gaining an insight of his life prior to zombification as well as witnessing him munching his way through various victims.

Director Marc Price, 30, who wrote, filmed and produced the horror flick, said he was amazed the film would now be shown across the country.

London-based Mr Price, who is originally from Swansea, edited the film while working for a courier firm Creative Couriers in the capital.

He explained: "The whole thing is just insane, If you'd told me the film was going to get released in the cinema when we first started on the project I just wouldn't have believed it.

"I really thought it was a joke when I was told.

"I hope that this will encourage others to go out with the video cameras and make films. It just goes to show you don't need thousands and thousands of pounds to make a film."

The film took 18 months to complete and features actor Alastair Kirton in the role of Colin.

It caused a stir when it was screened at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and its cinema release is sure to garner further publicity.

The film will be released in London and major cities across the UK, although the names of the venues are yet to be released.

Film buffs can get a sneak preview of Colin at the Frightfest fantasy and horror film festival in London next month.