Producer of Oscar-winning film escorted out of ceremony for throwing paper airplanes


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The producer of an Oscar-winning film was unceremoniously kicked out of her seat during the ceremony in Los Angeles last night for throwing paper planes.

Kristina Reed, whose film Paperman won Best Animated Short, was ejected from the Dolby Theatre auditorium where she was watching the ceremony for reportedly throwing three or four paper airplanes.

The planes, which resemble the ones in her black and white Disney animation, with kisses on them, flew down from the balcony into the audience and went nowhere near to the stage where proceedings were being filmed for the live telecast.

But security acted quickly to remove Reed from her seat.

She was held outside the theatre for about 10 minutes before being brought back to her seat with a stern warning.

Paperman is a hand-drawn animation directed by John Kahrs telling the story of a man who attracts the attention of a woman on the street by throwing paper airplanes down to her.

It has been screened in cinemas ahead of Oscar-nominated animation Wreck-It Ralph that lost out at last night’s award to Pixar’s film Brave.