Quentin Tarantino teases his next, possibly penultimate film

Tarantino's imagination is drifting toward Australia

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The curtains might have only just parted on Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film The Hateful Eight (it feels okay to use that anachronistic phrase given the movie has an overture and intermission), but he’s already been drawn into questions about his ninth.

“I do have an idea for an Australian film that would take place in the '30s,” he told So, Is It Any Good?.

“It would be a Bonnie and Clyde-ish sort of story set with a couple of outlaws in Australia. We'll see whatever happens.”

News of Tarantino’s next project is of particular interest as it could be his last but one.

Though he hasn’t ruled out making more, the director has repeatedly stated a desire to only make 10 films, before moving into theatre or perhaps publishing a novel.

Whether or not he moves forward with Australia-set idea, I’m sure he’s already thought about how it would link together with the rest of his oeuvre (which sees several characters from different films related to each other, e.g. Pulp Fiction’s Vincent Vega and Reservoir Dogs’ Vic Vega).

The 1930s period most likely suggests ties with Inglorious Basterds, which took place during the Second World War.

Earlier in the week, we learned from the man himself that Tarantino’s films share not one universe, but two.