Quidditch Premier League launched in the UK

Eight teams are due to begin competing next summer with tryouts occurring in April

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If you've always wanted to play in a Quidditch team, your dream may be on the cusp of coming true following the announcement that a Premier League is starting in the UK.

Launching next summer, the league will be comprised of eight teams and will run from May to August.

This news comes weeks after the announcement of a four-day event that will see aspiring wizards attend a real-life Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in France. 

The league's website states that each team will represent "a geographic 'catchment area'," with the competing teams divided up as follows: The London Monarchs, The Southwest Broadside, The Southeast Knights and The Eastern Mermaids in the Southern division and The Northern Watch, The Yorkshire Roses, The East Midland Archers and The West Midland Revolution in the Northern region.

If you're looking to get involved, tryouts begin in April.

A spokesperson for the league said: "The best 30 players will be chosen by that team’s manager, and they will form that team’s 2017 roster. 21 players from those 30 will be selected for each fixture, providing some flexibility and strategy, as well as allowances for fatigue over the course of the season."

In case your Quidditch memory is in need of jogging, the playing positions looking to be filled include a keeper, a seeker, three chasers and two beaters; only four players of the same gender can simultaneously play in one team.  

Quaffles, bludgers and snitches won't be patented for the cause. Instead, a semi-deflated volleyball will serve as the former while a bludger (the one you lob at your opponents) will - somewhat predictably - be a dodgeball.

It turns out a real-life snitch is simply a tennis ball inside a sock.

J.K. Rowling created the sport as part of her fictional world introduced in Harry Potter. Quidditch tournaments have been taking place globally since 2005 with a biannual World Cup also in existence (Australia are the reigning champs).

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