Sacha Baron Cohen film clip too graphic for chat show, audience's reaction shown instead

The footage from new film Grimsby was deemed "unacceptable for broadcast television"

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It's been a while since Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen's graced the world with his controversial flair, but he's back - something a studio audience watching Jimmy Kimmel's US chat show can attest to.

Promoting new film Grimsby (known in the US as The Brothers Grimsby), Cohen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! before being told the clip that was due to be shown had since been deemed "unacceptable for broadcast television."

Instead, the cameras were turned on the audience who proceeded to watch the "extremely graphic" clip - not before they were given the option to leave, of course.

You can see the audience's reaction below:

 "So, wait a minute," said Cohen. "You're saying I've come on this show for the first time in 12 years and you're gong to show the audience watching my clip, but the people at home won't be able to watch [what] I'm trying to promote?" 

Cohen stars in the film as the football hooligan brother of a black-ops spy (Mark Strong) with the two forced to team up in order to 'save the world.' The Ali G actor co-wrote the script.

Whether the audience were told to amp up their horrified reactions or were genuinely affected by what they were shown remains to be seen. But we bet you want to see it for yourself now - and isn't that the point?

Grimsby is released in the UK on 24 February