Screen Talk: Ty Burrell lands a Muppet role


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Ty Burrell, from TV show Modern Family, is set to join the cast of Disney's sequel to The Muppets as a human cast member. James Bobin, who directed the 2011 Muppets film, returns to direct and co-wrote the screenplay with Nicholas Stoller. The adventure moves from Hollywood to Europe, with Burrell playing an Interpol inspector.

Rock 'n' roll for Close and Nolte

A music-driven drama from Rock of Ages creator Chris D'Arienzo has tuned up Glenn Close and Nick Nolte to star. D'Arienzo wrote the script and will direct the movie, which follows an aging rock star (Nolte) as he succumbs to Alzheimer's. His wife (Close) is left to pick up the pieces of his rock 'n' roll lifestyle as he deteriorates.

Mexican flavour to 'Book of Life'

Guillermo del Toro and Reel FX's adventure Book of Life has drawn heavyweight backing from Fox Animation Studios. Originally titled Day of the Dead, after the famous Mexican celebration, the movie's title is now Book of Life. Del Toro personally hired Mexican animator and filmmaker Jorge R. Guiterrez to direct.

Rat packer gets the money in

Director Brett Ratner has teamed with Australian billionaire James Packer to set up a company to develop, produce and finance films. RatPac Entertainment marks the first foray into Hollywood for Packer. Ratner is producing Horrible Bosses 2 and Hong Kong Phooey, which has Eddie Murphy, attached to star.

Avatar fight gives Cameron the clues

Nothing breeds legal action quite like success. James Cameron's Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time, is busy fending off lawsuits. One is from a former employee at Cameron's Lightstorm company who claims to have written a story “K.R.Z. 2068”. He says he shared it with Cameron under an alleged implied contract.

Climate change is not small talk

Former US vice-president Al Gore, of environmental movie An Inconvenient Truth, is worried that the global-warming debate is slipping from the agenda. Gore rocked up at a Hollywood bash to remind guests that the world needs to renew its focus on climate change. More movies anyone?