She's just Jenny on the block: Ms Lopez gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


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Jennifer Lopez has become the 2,500th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Congratulations, Jen! Bit of a weird choice, though, right? I mean, she was good in Out of Sight and all, but that was a while back. Monster-in-Law? Not so much. True, there are all those songs, and she’s been a judge on American Idol of late, but really? JLo? How did she get her mitts on the pavement?

Just like the others – by getting past the Walk of Fame’s gatekeeper, Ana Martinez, who for 25 of the Walk’s 55 years has vetted the 300 or so annual applications from stars (and runs the “Ask Star Girl” Q&A section of Only 24 make the grade each year, and a five-person panel deliberates over who is given a slot – or not. Martinez told The New York Times last year that however big the celebrity, however, no one gets to choose their spot on the 15-block area the walk covers. Sorry, Jenny, there’s no space for diva behaviour here…