So over the Iron Lady? What you need is the new Superman movie - Man of Steel


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After the camp disappointment that was 2006’s Superman Returns, the franchise certainly needed a reboot. And if you’re in any doubt as to how much of a stinker the comic book’s last big screen outing was, the fact that its star, Brandon Routh, is now languishing on a network television sitcom should give you some idea.

So three cheers for the trailer for new Superman film, Man of Steel, which hit the internet this week. After a slick aliens-at-war opening with a bit of gruff babbling from Russell Crowe, the trailer curiously goes all Terence Malick-y (child running through long grass, sun-drenched field, close-up of butterfly, pompous voiceover).

Then it’s revealed that Kevin Costner, who hasn’t been in a hit since “the Rachel” was a popular haircut, is young Clark’s new adopted dad (we missed you, Kev!) Fast forward to a very moody adult Clark Kent, played by Brit-treat Henry Cavill. Not only does Clark Kent 2.0 refuse to smile, he doesn’t even shave. Imagine what Dean Cain must be thinking. 

Then there are plenty more explosions, aliens, and flying to get the fanboys all excited before Warner Brothers unveil its biggest marketing weapon: it is produced by Christopher Nolan, the man who single-handedly made Batman cool again with The Dark Knight trilogy. Smart move, Warners.

Possibly the most astonishing bit of the trailer, however, is when Superman reveals that the “S” on his chest doesn’t actually stand for Superman. No, it’s not “Sassy”; you’ll just have to watch the trailer yourself to find out. See it here: