So what next for Daniel Day-Lewis - our best-tressed actor?


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Pictures of Daniel Day-Lewis’ hat-trick of Oscar triumphs, ranging from 1990 to this last weekend, throw up some wonderfully flamboyant looks.

Had the actor gone method for a role in a 18th-century swashbuckling adventure when he collected his first Oscar back in 1990? Just about, he was just starting on filming 1992’s Last of the Mohicans.

With two gold hoops adorning his ears, Day-Lewis looked every inch the gypsy artist when he won five years ago for There Will Be Blood. Sunday saw his most conventional look to date: neatly trimmed grey hair and an elegant tux. It was almost disappointing.

There’s talk of him now taking five years off, so hopefully when he’s done working as a florist in Bogota (or whatever else the elusive star chooses to do with his hols) he’ll return with a coiffure – the first of his mohicans? – to really make our hair stand on end.