Spectre trailer: 7 things we learned about the new James Bond movie

The next 007 film looks well on its way to matching Skyfall

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Spectre will be the most action-packed Bond yet


In just two and a half minutes there are sniper kills, high speed car chases, punch-ups, a terrifying plane crash, jumping out of windows, gun battles, heart-in-mouth helicopter stunts and explosions aplenty. Someone shake us up a martini, we’re exhausted already.

Ben Whishaw’s Q is as geeky as ever

Ben Whishaw plays geeky Q is Spectre

Fan girls were first introduced to the actor in Skyfall, and he has been a poster boy for fanciable geekdom ever since. In Spectre he returns to his role as head of the research and development division for M16, wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a chunky knit polo neck jumper. Oh yes. 

Léa Seydoux is going to be a badass Bond Girl

Lea Seydoux plays new Bond Girl, Madeleine Swann

We’ve seen her give a tender portrayal of a lesbian love affair in Blue is the Warmest Colour, and it’s fair to say the French actress looks completely different in her role as new Bond Girl Madeleine Swann, who is heard screaming at Bond to “get away from me” in the trailer. It also looks like she’s involved in a fair few action scenes in the Alps.


Andrew Scott and Ralph Fiennes fit perfectly into the world of 007

Andrew Scott stars in Spectre

Sherlock actor Andrew Scott plays a dashing, if slightly intimidating looking, new head of the Centre for National Security, while Ralph Fiennes takes over from Judi Dench as an overbearing and authoritative M.

Phwoar, that car…

James Bond admires his new Aston Martin

Only in a James Bond movie could the moment 007 meets his latest Aston Martin be made into an outrageously grand event. The “magnificent“ silver beast is revealed by dramatic sliding doors and, if you’re wanting the specs, it does “zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds” and has “a few little tricks up her sleeve”. Oh yes, the car is female. Of course she is.

Christoph Waltz is predictably chilling as a Bond villain

Christoph Waltz makes his debut as Franz Oberhauser

Not just chilling, but “the author of all Bond’s pain”, apparently. When Franz Oberhauser purrs “Welcome, James” before undermining 007 the only way he knows how, by attacking his ego, it’s clear the spy has some serious trouble on his hands. “You came across me so many times yet you never saw me, what took you so long?” he growls smugly, as the pair finally lock eyes. Eek. However, there are no further clues to ignite fan theories that Waltz is really playing bald, kitten-loving terrorist boss Ernst Blofeld.

Mexico’s $20m investment in the film clearly paid off

Spectre's opening sequence, set during Mexico's 'Day of the Dead'

Mexico is reported to have offered $20m to Spectre producers to portray the country in a positive light in the film, and by the looks of things the money has been well spent. The opening sequence – set to be the biggest ever in Bond history - takes place during Mexico City’s intriguing ‘Day of the Dead’ with skeleton costumes abound. 

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