Spider-Man should stay white and straight in the movies, says comic book veteran Stan Lee

'I’m just not too happy changing what has already been established'

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A recently leaked memo stating Spider-Man should remain white and heterosexual in the upcoming movie sparked questions about how committed the film industry really is to diversity.

But the superhero’s co-creator thinks it is important that Spider-Man remains as he is.

Former Marvel Comics president Stan Lee said he sees “no reason” why there couldn’t be a non-white or homosexual super-hero in years to come, but doesn’t like the idea of comic book characters changing in the films.

“The only thing I don’t like doing is changing the characters we already have,” he told E! News.

Peter Parker's mixed race replacement Miles Morales has sparked hope a non-white Spider-Man will be cast in the near future

“For example, I’d like Spider-Man to stay as he is, but I have no problem creating a superhero who’s homosexual.

“I have no problem with having a black one, a Latino one, a Chinese one, anything – the whole world is our playground. The whole world has heroes we can draw from.”

He added:  “I’m just not too happy changing what has already been established.”


With black-Hispanic teenager Miles Morales re-cast as Peter Parker in Marvel’s major Spider-Man comic book last month, there is hope that a film in the near future could include a non-white actor.

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