Star Trek: Film on Leonard Nimoy's Spock gets go ahead thanks to $600k Kickstarter campaign

The documentary produced by Nimoy's son is due to be released in  2016

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A film about Star Trek’s Mr Spock is set to boldly go where no man has been before after reaching its $600,000 crowd-funding goal on Kickstarter.

For the Love of Spock, which will be produced by late Mr Spock actor Leonard Nimoy's son Adam, will pay tribute to the long-running Star Trek character as well as exploring the “incredible career and artistry” of Nimoy.

Nimoy and his son Adam began work on the film before Nimoy’s death in February to mark the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series.

The film reached its crowd-funding target in just over a month, with 9,439 backers pledging $662,640 to boost the project’s production.

Starring as Mr Spock in the original TV series of 'Star Trek'.

Rewards for backers included signed cast photographs, limited edition Leonard Nimoy autographs, and – for one Star Trek uber fan with $10,000 spare – the chance to be credited as an associated producer on the film.

A thank you message on the Kickstarter campaign page reads: “Because of YOU, Adam & Nimoy’s plan to create a #SpockDoc is becoming a reality! Thank you for all your support!”

Pre-production on the documentary began before the Kickstarter campaign was launched in June, with Leonard Nimoy’s Spock replacement Zachary Quinto signed to narrate the film.


The $600,000 will go towards licensing photographs and footage to make the film, licensing the use of Star Trek music for the soundtrack, and hiring a sound editor.

The film is due to be released in mid to late 2016.