Star Wars 8: Mark Hamill trolls fans with Happy Birthday Tweet to John Boyega

'Typo or spoiler? You decide'

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Mark Hamill may be legally obligated to not spoil Star Wars Episode VIII, but that doesn’t mean fans won’t leap on any piece of information the actor releases about the film.

While speaking at Oxford University, the actor said that he felt like a ‘Father figure’ to fellow cast member Daisy Ridley. *Gasps* Did he just reveal that Rey is Luke’s daughter? 

Of course, he wasn’t spoiling anything about the film and was just talking about their real life relationship, but that didn’t stop a tirade of articles hitting the net about how he just ‘spoiled’ part of the plot. 

Luckily, Hamill is quite the internet troll, and decided to poke fun at the entire scenario in a Happy Birthday message to John Boyega. “Happiest of Birthdays to the Finn-tastic @JohnBoyega a swell fella who's just sonsational in #EP8 Hmmm-Typo or spoiler? YOU decide! #Troll” he Tweeted, to which Boyega replied: "I like your style *emoji wink face*"

What a “sonsational spoiler”. In other Star Wars Episode VIII news, the crew from the film were recently spotted filming on a boat off the Croatian coastline in what looks like a formal cantina scene at sea.