Star Wars actor Billy Dee Williams to finally play Two-Face thanks to The Lego Batman Movie

He played Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's first take on the caped crusader in 1989

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You may not recall that Billy Dee Williams - best known as Han Solo's non-furry buddy Lando Calrissian - starred in Tim Burton's exemplary film Batman in 1989 as popular DC character Harvey Dent.

It was Jack Nicholson that got to run amok as the Joker, however, with Williams unable to flex his villainous muscles as Dent's alter ego Two-Face.

Until now, that is - director Chris McKay has cast him as the bad guy in the upcoming spin-off The Lego Batman Movie.

The film is centered solely on The Lego Movie's standout character with Will Arnett returning to provide voice work for the role.

The Lego Batman Movie - Trailer 3

Other DC characters that'll show up include Robin (Michael Cera), Batgirl (Rosario Dawson) and Harley Quinn (Jenny Slate). Ralph Fiennes is lending his voice to Bruce Wayne's trusty butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

Williams was originally meant to show up in Burton's sequel Batman Returns (1992) but instead, the character returned in Batman Forever (1994) where Tommy Lee Jones took over. Two-Face also appeared in Christopher Nolan's hit sequel The Dark Knight in 2008 played by Aaron Eckhart.

The actor starred in Star Wars Episode V and VI. Calrissian is set to appear in the upcoming Han Solo prequel, the casting of which has got Community fans very excited; it's being directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller who, in a fun twist, directed The Lego Movie.

The Lego Batman Movie will be released in the UK on 10 February 2017.