Star Wars: The Force Awakens deleted scenes: Watch a new clip featuring Unkar Platt, Chewbacca and Rey

Prepare your wallets for a new 3D Blu-ray

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Despite Star Wars: The Force Awakens being released on Blu-ray and DVD earlier this year, Disney decided to hold back selected deleted scenes for the 3D version of the film, therefore forcing fans to buy yet another version to see those extra scenes.

Even the new clip, uploaded to Entertainment Weekly, is half of the full deleted scene. Fortunately, the publication was kind enough to include a description of the full clip.

In short, the scene sees Unkar Plutt - the fat junk dealer who attempts to buy BB-8 from Rey on Jakku - bump into the young Skywalker Solo scavenger in Maz Kanata’s canteen.

According to the description, Plutt was able to follow the Millennium Falcon to the location thanks to the ship’s homing beacon - the same way Han Solo and Chewbacca tracked the piece of junk.

Plutt decides to threaten Rey in the canteen, Daisy Ridley’s character drawing her pistol only for it to be forcefully grabbed by Plutt. Luckily, Chewbacca is on the scene and retrieves the pistol, something the blobfish-like villain doesn’t take kindly too, poking the hairy Wookiee in his hurt arm.

Here’s where the clip stops; however - thanks to EW’s description - we know Chewbacca rips off Plut’s arms in retaliation, leading to a ‘high-pitched scolding from Warwick Davis’ character Wollivan’. To see the full clip, you’ll need to buy the 3D Blu-ray disc on 15 November. 

Meanwhile, also in promotion of the new release, a portion of the disk’s commentary track was released online, revealing JJ Abrams’ thoughts on THAT Kylo Ren scene.