Star Wars: The Force Awakens meets Calvin and Hobbes in these adorable sketches

Please can we make the adventures of Spaceman Finn a reality?

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Ever since the film's release (and fair while before then), the internet's been awash with Star Wars: The Force Awakens mash-ups and memes. Some have been hilarious, some a little try-hard. We may now have found which are certainly the most endearing. 

Brian Kesinger is an illustrator, animator, and author who has worked for the Walt Disney Studios for over 16 years; having contributed to the likes of Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, and Tarzan. He's also provided the art for Marvel's recent Groot series of comic books. 

Active on Instagram, he uses the space to post his own takes and mash-ups of Disney property; as well as work relating to his popular characters Victoria and Otto, an unlikely pairing between young lady and octopus companion. A clear fan of Star Wars, a good portion of his recent work on the site has related to the franchise; including a recent series in which he's rendered images of its characters in the style of beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.



#poedameron deals with the bullies of the first order. #calvinandhobbes #starwars #mashup #kyloren

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#Rey and #bb8 love sledding down the dunes of jakku! #mashup #calvinandhobbes #theforceawakens #StarWars

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They're only a small part of the host of Star Wars mash-ups Kesinger's been posting recently. Here are Finn and BB-8 in the style of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.


Finn and BB-j8ke #starwars #adventuretime #episode7 @john_boyega

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A little Darth Vader meets Big Hero 6's Baymax.


#baymax #darthvader #inktober mashup. #starwars #battlefront

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And, finally, Darth Vader meets Mad Max: Fury Road's Immortan Joe.


Quick sketch of immortan vader. #madmax #starwars

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Kesinger even gave his own spin on the popular Twitter account, Emo Kylo Ren.


@KyloR3n sporting his new satchel from hot topic and a binder full of imperial fan art. #EmoKyloRen

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Visit Brian Kesinger's Instagram page for more Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney-related art, alongside some of his original creations.