Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley in line for Lara Croft in Tomb Raider reboot

The Rey actor is one of several being considered for the role

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Video game adaptations are usually a subgenre of film to steer clear of whether you're an actor or a viewer, so the news that rising star Daisy Ridley is being considered for one could be construed as slightly worrying.

That she's in line to play Lara Croft, however - the heroine of the popular Tomb Raider series - soothes that worry, the character easily being one of the more interesting video game creations there is.

Angelina Jolie played Croft across two Tomb Raider films - once in 2001 and again in 2003's critically-mauled sequel The Cradle of Life - but only now are Warner and MGM both attempting to salvage the franchise with a reboot due in 2017

The Star Wars actor is one of several being considered for the role.

Newcomer Ridley is currently hot property having starred as Rey in JJ Abrams' Star Wars film The Force Awakens; she is currently filming the as-of-yet untitled Episode VIII which will be released December 2017.

Video game series Tomb Raider, which began in 2001, was revitalised in 2013 with a fresh take on the series focusing on Croft's experiences as a young adventurer.

The upcoming film is expected to take this as its source material.