Star Wars 7 trailer released today after Lucasfilm U-turn

The first glimpse of Episode VII had been reserved for US-based cinema-goers but fans protested

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It’s a sign of how things have changed since the first Star Wars movies were released that Lucasfilm even for one moment considered not publishing the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens online first.

Update: Watch the Star Wars 7 teaser trailer

The production company initially announced that fans would have to visit one of just 30 cinemas (in America!) in order to see the trailer. And have to pay around $15 to watch the Penguins of Madagascar for the privilege (cue a storm of exits before the opening credits).

But Disney, which owns Lucasfilm, has pulled off a U-turn worthy of the coalition government, allowing fans to watch the trailer on the internet first.


After huge interest (for which, read a slew of moaning via Twitter) from fans, it was announced that the trailer will arrive on the internet tomorrow, just in time to cheer up Black Friday.

A timeframe for when the trailer for the hotly anticipated seventh episode of George Lucas’ sci-fi franchise will arrive on iTunes and YouTube (probably) has not been announced.

Earlier this week JJ Abrams outlined what to expect from the trailer, promising "A TINY peek at what we're working on – this Friday in select theatres. Hope you enjoy, and have a most excellent Thanksgiving!"

He revealed the teaser will be just 88 seconds long.

The first of a trio of new Star Wars films is slated for release date on 18 December 2015.