Suicide Squad extended cut announced with 13 extra minutes of footage

'#SuicideSquad Extended Cut. Spread the word'

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Following in the footsteps of Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad is receiving an extended cut set for release 11 November on Digital HD and 13 December on Blu-Ray, just in time for Christmas. 

The announcement was made by Warner Bros who Tweeted “#SuicideSquad Extended Cut. Spread the word,” alongside a new trailer. 

Thirteen minutes of extra footage will be added to the film, the content of which is not yet clear; new footage of Margot Robbie’s pre-Harley Quinn character features prominently towards the end of the clip. 

Previously, Jared Leto revealed there was enough deleted footage to make an entire Joker film; perhaps the extended cut will be more Joker/Harley focussed? 

Recently it was revealed that Robbie’s character would be receiving a solo film, marking the further expansion of the DC Extended Universe (which already has numerous films in the pipeline, including Wonder Woman, Justice League, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam, and a Batman solo film).

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. bosses recently admitted they could do a “little better” with their DC films, something that shouldn’t be too difficult considering Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad’s negative reviews.