Taken 3 took 14 camera cuts in 6 seconds to show Liam Neeson jumping a fence

That is some high drama back yard vaulting

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In a phenomenon certainly linked to attention deficit disorder in the information age, the cutting in American TV and film is only becoming more rapid fire - a recent episode of Iron Chef having nearly caused me to fit on the sofa.

This clip from Taken 3 demonstrates it best though, in which Liam Neeson is seen vaulting a fence in pursuit of revenge like only he knows how.

Neeson’s majestic leap is inherently very f*cking cinematic if you ask me, but director Olivier Megaton clearly felt the need to crank things up a notch.

Reddit initially estimated the number of cuts at 15 but I’m pretty sure it’s 14, having slowed down the YouTube video to 0.25 speed (note to directors: if this is necessary you are probably doing too many cuts).

The epilepsy-inducing scene pales in comparison to the basketball one in Catwoman however, which some poor bastard who sat through it at half-speed estimated to contain 144.

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