The Chickening: A poultry remix of The Shining actually made it to Sundance

"Heeeeeeere's [insert chicken pun here]"

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An augmented reality version of horror classic The Shining with chickens has been shown at Sundance Film Festival.

Aptly titled The Chickening, the remix became the talk of the festival after it was shown to audiences on Monday night (26 January).

It has since surfaced online meaning you can watch the short film yourself - quite frankly, it has to be seen to be believed (be warned: the video contains some bad language).

 The short - which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2015 - has transposed the film's setting from the Overlook Hotel to Charbay's Chicken World, "the largest fast food entertainment complex in North America."  

Directors Nick DenBoer and Davy Force described The Chickening as "...a theatrical trailer for a fictional film in which Stanley Kubrick's classic film The Shining has been artfully transformed into a new, poultry-infused comedy adventure by digitally altering the film to create a new narrative."

They even coined a term for the style of filmmaking, branding it "'Cinegraffiti' - the ultimate neo-nostalgic visual feast for this digital age."

This isn't the first strange film to emerge from Sundance 2016; a number of audience members were reported to have walked out of Swiss Army Man which is perhaps more popularly known as Daniel Radcliffe's 'farting corpse' film.