The Good Dinosaur trailer: Pixar's new movie looks adorable - but unlikely to top Inside Out

The film follows a Tarzan-like toddler who makes friends with an Apatosaurus

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We’ve barely recovered from just how brilliant Pixar’s latest film Inside Out is, and already the studio has released the trailer for its next film The Good Dinosaur.

Unlike Inside Out, this film doesn’t look set to explain the human brain in a humorous way accessible to all the family. Instead, The Good Dinosaur appears to be pitched at a slightly lower age range, featuring a Tarzan-like toddler who makes friends with an Apatosaurus called Arlo.

The film imagines a world where dinosaurs were never made extinct and continue to roam the planet.

Arlo makes an unlikely friend in his toddler pal, and “learns the power of confronting his fears and discover what he is truly capable of”, according to the official plot synopsis.

The Good Dinosaur comes from a fine pedigree of animated filmmakers.


The movie is directed by Peter Sohn, who has worked on previous animated films including Ratatouille and Monsters University, and is produced by Denise Ream who has worked on Cars 2 and Up.

Can it beat Inside Out? Probably not. But it looks adorable all the same.

The Good Dinosaur will be released in the UK on 27 November.

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