The motion capture for Jurassic World's raptors is way better than the actual CGI

They're somehow more terrifying

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What if Jurassic World hadn't bothered to put the CGI in during post-production, and instead of a by-the-numbers action-adventure film we'd got a surrealist Jodorowskian fantasy about Chris Pratt being chased by feral men in grey morph suits?

We got a glimpse of what this would have been like today, when an image was posted of a group of actors mo-capping for the dinosaurs.

It looks like a shot from a very bizarre and esoteric convention, and has tickled the internet to the tune of 2.7 million views in 17 hours.


People are now calling for sans-CGI versions of movies to be mandatory on DVD extras, something I'd 100% be behind.

The image is the exact opposite of what cartoon series Archer did with one of its episodes, replacing all the human characters with velociraptors.


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