The Purge: Election Year trailer - we officially have a new depraved horror franchise on our hands

We're pretty sure Donald Trump won't be seeing this

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Just when you think you've rid yourself of one mammoth horror franchise, another seems to rears its head.

Saw lasted for seven films before drawing to a close (well, until earlier this week) before Paranormal Activity threw six whole films our way. With that now laid to rest, it seems we have another on our hands - The Purge: Election Day has just received a trailer.

The series follows a (thankfully) fictional alternate universe in which the government, in an attempt to lower crime rate, sanctions an annual 12-hour period which renders all crime - including murder - legal.

The third film will be set two years on from 2014 sequel The Purge: Anarchy. Frank Grillo returns as former police sergeant Leo Barnes, now head of security for Charlene Roan (Lost alumni Elizabeth Mitchell), a presidential electorate vowing to eliminate the annual event.

However, after a betrayal within the security forces, the two are forced onto the streets where they must try and survive the night.

The original film, released in 2013, starred Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey as a married couple whose house is invaded by bloodthirsty purgers.

James DeMonaco will return to direct the depraved antics when The Purge: Election Day is released on 1 July.