The Wolf of Wall Street remains top of UK box office with even swearier 4-hour DVD cut on the way

Original film had 506 F-words

The Wolf of Wall Steet has held onto the box office top spot after another strong week in UK cinemas.

Martin Scorsese's latest crime drama, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio as fraudster Jordan Belfort, took £3.6 million to remain No. 1 ahead of 12 Years A Slave.

Details of the film's DVD release also emerged today, which is set to be over four hours in length and feature more expletives than ever.

The Wolf of Wall Street already broke records for its sheer volume of F-bombs (some 506) with this extended cut set to add '25% more'.

When asked how many more to expect, producer Riza Aziz told MailOnline : "It's tough! You figure another hour so I'd figure another 25% more! I've never done an F Bomb count. I am sure there's plenty more!"

Co-producer Joey McFarland added that the longer version of the film will not house further plot twists, merely extensions of existing scenes.

"I think we are going to have some good surprises to be honest with you the movie is not much different in its longer form, it's just longer versions of scenes," he said.

"Nothing really got cut out so it's a lot more of what you've already seen."