Tom Brady plays cameo role in Ted 2 Super Bowl commercial as unsuspecting sperm donor

Ted and Mark Wahlberg try to steal the quaterback's sperm while he sleeps

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made a starring role in the Super Bowl advert for Ted 2, albeit a rather crude one.

In the unsurprisingly uncouth trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s sequel, Mark Wahlberg and his fluffy friend sneak into Brady’s bedroom while he is asleep to extract his sperm so he can act as a donor for Ted’s future baby with his new wife Tami-Lynn.

After the quarterback throws the two out of his home, Wahlberg’s character Johnny notes just how well he throws his pillow at them in a perfect spiral.

The trailer is among a number of high profile adverts to debut during the desirable Super Bowl commercial slot.

Breaking Bad’s Walter White also made a cameo appearance during an advert for Esurance, in which he pretends to be a man named Greg who works in a pharmacy, when really he is just a man who sells drugs.

Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman will also star in Ted 2, which is due to be released in June.
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