Tom Hanks reunited with his beloved Wilson

The actor met his 'Castaway' best friend again at an ice hockey match

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Tom Hanks has been reunited with his long lost best friend after 15 years.

The actor was pictured holding a ball that looked remarkably like Wilson from the film Castaway during an ice hockey match between the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins in New York last night.

The 2000 film saw Hanks play a FedEx executive who gets stranded on a desert island after a plane crashes in the South Pacific. His character Chuck uses items from the plane crash to help him survive, including a volleyball that he nicknames Wilson and begins talking to.

In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, Chuck shouts out Wilson’s name in desperation after his inanimate best friend falls of his raft and is cast out to sea.

But now Hanks and “WILSON!” have finally been reunited after a fan from the crowd threw the actor a ball that looked like his long lost friend.

The 2015 Wilson has clearly scrubbed up, and Hanks looked much happier chanting “WILSON, WILSON, WILSON” this time.