Trainspotting 2: Author Irvine Welsh believes there's 'room for one more' sequel

He believes his Begbie spinoff novel would make a great film

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Danny Boyle's follow-up to 1996 classic Trainspotting is just around the corner and author Irvine Welsh - the man behind the film's source material - is already talking about another sequel.

T2 Trainspotting, which was filmed in Edinburgh throughout 2016, is based on Irvine Welsh's sequel Porno (2002) and reunites the entire cast including Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Kelly MacDonald and Robert Carlyle who's returning as Begbie.

It's the latter character's spinoff novel, The Blade Artist, that Welsh believes could provide material for a potential T3. He told Time Out: "I think there's probably room for one more kind of Trainspotting - you never know what's going to happen with these things."

T2- TRAINSPOTTING 2 official trailer

Discussing the novel, he added: "It's a very, very filmic book, I think. It's almost like, bang, it has a three-act structure with not a lot of padding. And it's a lot more genre than some of the other Trainspotting books."

The soundtrack songlist for the upcoming film was leaked on Amazon ahead of its release featuring remix versions of Iggy Pop song "Lust for Life" and Underworld's "Born Slippy" - songs memorably used in the original,

Trainspotting centered on the lives of a group of heroin addicts residing in Edinburgh during the late Eighties. 

T2 hits cinemas on 27 January.