Transformers: The Last Knight: Watch this clip if you want to hear Anthony Hopkins say, 'duuuuude'

Sorry, that's SIR Anthony Hopkins saying, 'duuuuude'

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We're on the quadrillionth installment of the Transformers franchise, so there's really little to surprise by this point.

Except The Last Knight has gone out of its way to prove that there is, by forcing Sir Anthony Hopkins to utter the word, "duuuuude", with a particular emphasis on the "uuuuuu".

It's all as part of a clip that Mark Wahlberg himself debuted onstage at the MTV Movie & TV Awards with the introduction: "It's pretty simple. Here's the synopsis: giant badass robots kicking the crap out of each other and I do some cool sh*t too."

The scene sees Hopkins' Sir Edmund Burton introduce Bulldog, who apparently has "robot dementia", and seems like he was designed out of spare parts from the Dad's Army set. 

Somehow, this eventually all connects into a plot about a war waged between the human race and the Transformers in the absence of Optimus Prime. Also, King Arthur is involved? Guess it's just business as usual for Michael Bay and the franchise that could never say no. 

Transformers: The Last Knight - Trailer 2

Transformers: The Last Knight opens in the UK 23 June.