Trending: A movie that starts with 140 characters


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Sofia Coppola is well known for the opening scenes of her films. Who can forget Scarlett Johansson's knicker-clad derrière that marked the beginning of Lost In Translation? Or Stephen Dorff driving round and round and round the race track at the start of Somewhere?

For her upcoming film, The Bling Ring, which is based on the true story of fame-obsessed teenagers who robbed the homes of Hollywood celebrities, Coppola is said to kick it off with a tweet taken from Nicole Richie's Twitter feed.

No word yet on which pearl of wisdom Coppola has gone for but there's plenty to pick from: "My vintage tee smells of vomit", "What the hell is Tuesday?", or our favourite, "Thinking just hurts too much." Poetic stuff, that.