Trending: Designs for life – and cycle lanes


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The final part of Gary Hustwit's design documentary trilogy, Urbanized is released on DVD today.

Helvetica (2007), told the story of the world's most familiar font; Objectified (2009), explored industrial product design. Now the director tackles perhaps his largest subject yet: urban design and the diverse set of people – from multiple disciplines, with myriad agendas – who come together to create the physical city.

In each film, Hustwit illuminates an area of modern life most take for granted, showing its complex workings and the ideas underpinning them. For Urbanized, he went from Paris to New York, from Mumbai to Rio, in each place discovering new ways in which the urban landscape is subtly adapting – or not – to the demands of 21st century life. Did you know Bogotá's bike lanes are better than London's? Urbanized explains how – and plenty more besides.