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So you're getting married. It is a time of deep joy, but also a time of many choices. Do you wear white, for instance? What flowers should you have? Can you get away with not inviting Auntie Doris? Should it be in a church? Or just elope? Hell, should you just theme it around that well-known romantic film, Hunger Games? Yeah, that's right, the one in which teenagers are forced to fight, against their will, to the death.

It's not a question you would necessarily imagine tripping from your lips at your first wedding-planning meeting. And, yet, according to the US Wedding and Events Institute and Bridal Guide, the trend for this type of wedding – complete with "lottery" invitations, and seating plans based on the "districts" from the film – is spreading like a case of glandular fever through the nation's starry-eyed lovers. Each to their own, of course, but one can't quite help wondering if a story of blood-drawing fights and vicious competition is the best opener to your own happily-ever-after tale.